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The honeytrap plot that left father-of-six dead: Moment two women lead victim into his flat to seduce him 'Sonic boom' is heard across central England as 'ground shakes' and houses are rocked. The Version table provides details related to the release that this issue/RFE will be addressed. In a Channel 4 documentary, The Hunt for the Camden Ripper, made after Hardys conviction, Detective Inspector Alan Bostock is asked why the Sally White investigation was brought to a close. Patel later came under scrutiny for this and other findings in his career, including the 2009 death of Ian Tomlinson, resulting in a suspension from the government's register of pathologists pending an inquiry. He changes his plea to guilty for all three murders24 Nov 2003 Hardy is found guilty on all charges and given a life sentence, May 2010 Mr Justice Keith orders that Hardy will die in prison, August 2012 Freddy Patel, the pathologist who examined the body of Sally White, is struck off by the GMC. Mr Davies said it would be unfair and cause prejudice to Dr Patel should the White case be heard. It emerged that he had made errors in a number of cases, including that of Sally White. Then he drags her to a bath and tries to drown her. All those decisions are important decisions that are not made by me, he says. Dr Patel, 63, who was criticised over his part in the investigation into the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests, was found earlier this year to have omitted autopsy findings which he. But after a US tourist produced video footage of. He had gone on the run, but was spotted by an off-duty policeman when he went to University College Hospital to collect his prescription for insulin. A dinner-table circle of consciences are pricked, from the mill owner who made her redundant to the haughty charity worker who turns her away when she seeks help, as the opportunities to change her life before suicide are recounted. THE pathologist who ruled one of the victims of Camden Ripper Anthony Hardy had died of natural causes has been suspended for four months. One was, thats daft, how does the body of a woman get into somebodys flat? Then there was a relief and it was a mixture of thats all right then, he hasnt murdered somebody but hang on a minute, its not quite all right., The interviewer asked: In your own mind, putting it at its lowest, it remained a possibility that it was murder and that he had got away with it?. [20] One was wearing a white casual jacket, dark trousers and white trainers. Further searches by the police indicate there are at least two victims. He is arrested again in 1998 when a prostitute accuses him of raping her. That day he listened to a statement from Ms Whites father, who has never commented on the case beyond those words, read to the inquest by a court official. One community psychiatric nurse told the inquiry: With me it was just a gut feeling. A pathologist faces being struck off after flaws were discovered in his post-mortem of the first victim of 'Camden Ripper' Anthony Hardy. Police shut down a potential murder inquiry against Hardy after Dr Patels findings. What would the playwright have made of the murders of Anthony Hardy? It also raises questions about how a mentally ill man against whom allegations of assault and rape are made, could be allowed to remain at large to kill and kill again. But Dr Chan, according to the health authoritys investigation, had not been given the full picture; not only by Dr Patels attempt to establish how Ms White had died, but by the police as well. Islington Tribune A fight took place as he resisted arrest, during the course of which a police officer was knocked unconscious and another officer was stabbed through the hand and had his eye dislocated from its socket. She was identified as Sally White, 38, a prostitute who had been living in London. [20] The other man was stocky and wearing dark clothing. Asked what went through his mind as he sat outside the Old Bailey courtroom, ready to present his post-mortem report, he said: I was informed, to everybodys surprise, that he pleaded guilty. GMC barrister Simon Jackson QC replied: Presumably, no one was more surprised than you?, Dr Patel said: Yes, I was interested to find out what the cause of death was. Police officers who became serial killers, Take part in our survey to win an Amazon Fire HD 8 and Amazon Echo Dot. Dr Freddy Patel is accused . We are no longer accepting comments on this article. I never got over it. Maybe Priestleys Inspector Goole might have wanted to have probed beyond the pathologists inadequate work. "I am sure Elizabeth would have been alive. West End Extra, 40 Camden Road Camden Town London, NW1 9DR, Enquiries: Not suspicious. This discouraged a police investigation that might have saved two later victims of Hardy, an earlier hearing was told. As Hardy pleaded guilty, there was no trial and no fresh coroners inquests were ever conducted. It was all too suspicious for some. by CHARLOTTE CHAMBERS. But again the inquirys report reveals concerns which ran into dead ends, with mental health workers revealing how they feared Hardy had killed Ms White even after Dr Patel had concluded otherwise. We are unable to comment on the specifics of any ongoing cases to avoid prejudicing hearings. A priceless chance was lost when Sally White, now identified as Hardys first known victim, was discovered dead in his back room nearly a year before the deaths of Ms Valad and Ms MacClennan, two women who worked as prostitutes. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) He became an alcoholic and diabetic.[6]. In August 2012, Freddy Patel is struck off the medical register by the General Medical Council after he is found to be guilty of misconduct by a tribunal. The dismembered remains of the two other victims were found in December that year in bin bags near his home in north London. Between April and November 2002, Hardy spent time in psychiatric units at several hospitals, and within six weeks of being released he murdered Elizabeth Valad and Bridgette MacClennan. [4], After the divorce, Hardy spent time in mental hospitals, diagnosed with bipolar disorder. None of them felt able to get the case reopened. Having given no information to police while under arrest, Hardy makes a startling confession: he murdered Sally White. [6] In 1986, Hardy's wife, Judith, divorced him. [1], It was originally reported that police believed Hardy was possibly connected to the unsolved cases of two sex workers found dismembered and dumped in the River Thames, and up to five or six other murders that bore marked similarities to the ones for which he was convicted, but where not enough evidence was available directly implicating him. Last week, pathologist Dr Freddy Patel was suspended for concluding that Ms White had died from natural causes and not considering other possibilities. There is mention of Dr Patels work in their final report, published in September 2005. The Investigation "Hardy is a dangerous, devious and manipulative man. Dr Patel decided the Rippers first victim, prostitute Sally White died of natural causes. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Dentist from TV's Ten Years Younger 'slept with patient who he trapped in his bedroom for five hours'. Later in the same documentary, images of the crime scene, including a blurred photo of Ms Whites body are included. Panel chairman Vickie Isaac said: "The panel determined that it was clear from your first report that you had not adequately considered other possible modes of death, including asphyxia. Hardy was given three life sentences in November 2003 for the murders of three women, including White. I could rule out suffocation and strangulation, and if that was the method Id like to know.. Isaac added that his "actions would be considered dishonest by the ordinary standards of reasonable and honest people, and that you must have realised that your actions would be regarded as dishonest". Patel will not be allowed to practise until his case is reviewed and another panel is satisfied he has identified and remedied deficiencies, proven he has attended retraining courses, including on medical ethics, shadowed other pathologists and provided a satisfactory plan that might allow a supervised return to practise. "Hardy claimed he was a 'gregarious, intelligent, well- trusted man' until he was made redundant and divorced in the 1980s" Martin Beckford, Court News UK John Anthony Hardy is born in 1951 in the small town of Burton- upon-Trent in Staffordshire. A detective sergeant attached to the serious crime group wrote simply: Police have conducted an investigation and, although it is obvious that Mr Hardy is in need of psychiatric help, there is no evidence to suggest he was responsible for the death of Sally White. "Neighbours of notorious Camden Ripper reveal serial killer Anthony Hardy's strange habits", "The 70 prisoners serving whole life sentences in the UK", "Anthony John Hardy, England's famous Camden Ripper", "Pathologist in Ian Tomlinson G20 death case was reprimanded over conduct", "Officer under investigation over Ian Tomlinson's death 'should not have been working for Met', "Ian Tomlinson pathologist Dr Freddy Patel struck off", "Independent Review into the Care and Treatment of Mr Anthony Hardy Sept 2005", "Man charged with three murders after bodies found in binbags", "Independent Review Into The Care And Treatment Of Anthony Hardy", "Camden Ripper: Anthony Hardy Will Never Be Released Decides Mr Justice Keith After Three Murders", "Anthony John Hardy, England's famous Camden Ripper Connections", "John Sweeney found guilty of canal murders", "Gruesome unsolved murder of Hounslow's Zoe Parker whose torso was dumped in Thames", "New Episodes - Evil Up Close on Crime and Investigation Network",, This page was last edited on 5 November 2022, at 10:19. He was told he had brought the profession. And they were right. Daily Star. Under arrest, Hardy simply replied "no comment" to every question put to him by police. As such only a small number know what happened in the sessions organised by the North Central London Strategic Health Authority and Camden Council, beyond their published findings. Election Daily: Corbyn at manifestolaunch. Freddy Patel, who was based at St Pancras Coroner's Court, was found guilty of misconduct and dishonesty in his examination of the newspaper vendor. A PATHOLOGIST will not face a disciplinary hearing over his conclusion that one of "Camden Ripper" Anthony Hardy's murder victims had died from natural causes. [20] Investigators also asked for a woman named Carmen or Carmel to come forward as they believed she had information on the murder, saying she was apparently a friend of Parker and came from the Hounslow or Isleworth area. And they were right. General Medical Council says pathologist, later criticised for his postmortem of newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson, acted irresponsibly when examining first victim of 'Camden Ripper', Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning, Dr Freddy Patel, who carried out the first, crucial examination of Ian Tomlinson, concluded that he died of a heart attack. He spent 13 months in custody and endured more than a decade of speculation that he was guilty. Dr Patel ruled a naked and bruised woman found in Hardy's flat a year earlier had died from a heart attack. A wound to the head and a bite mark to the thigh were recorded, yet heart disease was given as her official cause of death. Tiptoeing nervously around the subject, it was discussed by staff informally. Mr Justice Keith BBC News Online 25 November 2003Anthony Hardys murder trial begins at the Old Bailey in London in November 2003. At a full public inquiry, Dr Patel would not have been the only one answering questions, such as those he faced during his GMC case. Patel was suspended from the register for three months last September because of his performance in other cases. Colin Stagg was wrongfully convicted of the murder of a twenty-three-year-old woman on Wimbledon Common in 1992 in front of her two-year-old son. A lot of mistakes were made.. Twenty-nine allegations against Dr Patel were being investigated by the GMC at the hearing including the validity of one concerning a CV entry. In 2002, Dr Patel said Ms White had died from heart disease. I never got over it. [4] He lived in various hostels in London, picking up convictions for theft[6] and being drunk and disorderly. So to that extent there isnt a case for us to investigate. Camden New Journal It follows the panel's investigation into three cases dating from 2003 to 2005. Retired police officer Mike Burrowes, recognises the man the press were calling the Camden Ripper and he calls detectives.Police arrest Hardy in a waiting room at Great Ormond Street hospital and begin questioning him. This uncovers blood stains all over Hardys home, including in the bathroom and marks made when he dragged the bodies to the dismemberment room.Other finds would include the tolls used for dismemberment, pornographic films and masks used to in photos to cover the faces of the dead women.CCTV footage from the local area shows Hardy dumping bin bags near in Plender Street in Camden, on the site where police would later discover human remains. West End Extra, 40 Camden Road Camden Town London, NW1 9DR, Enquiries: He then engages in extreme sex with them before strangling them. The coroner was Dr Stephen Chan, who has not given evidence to any panel, investigation or inquiry in relation to the Hardy murders. He has also been criticised for suggesting the newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson died of natural causes during the G20 protests in London in 2009. Patel declared she died of natural causes, and as a result a murder investigation was not begun till much later, during which time two other murders had been committed by the same man. He shows Hardy the photo of the naked body of Sally White. In those two years, no one in Camden was safe. During an interview another health worker said: I remember a number of reactions. Dr Freddy Patel, who has conducted post mortems on hundreds of Camden residents, was subject to a private GMC review last week. CAMDEN Ripper Anthony Hardy - who murdered three prostitutes - died in prison early today, The Sun can reveal. The General Medical Council had pressed for him to be struck off but an independent fitness to practise panel in London determined that suspension for his misconduct and dishonesty would be "appropriate and proportionate". Having been on the New Journal for four months, Iwas sitting in court that day as a cub reporter still getting used to the inquest system that most people have no knowledge of unless a relative or friend dies in unusual circumstances. Dr Patel will also be barred from working as an expert witness in suspicious death cases. [18][22] The torso was found next to Chelsea Harbour on the Thames. The cause of death was given as coronary heart disease, which we refer to as natural causes. Investigations into Dr Patels professional work stretch back 12 years. Hardy, despite a history of mental illness, a personality disorder and schizophrenia, was said to have been bad, not mad at the time of his killings. Dr Chan also listened to a report from a housing worker and then Dr Patel gave evidence from the witness box. He pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey in November 2003 to killing three women at his council flat in Camden Town. The statement did not say that Mr Hardy lied when asked if he had a key to the locked room where her body was discovered, or how he reacted when the key was found in the lining of a jacket by a police officer.

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