University of Florida College of Medicine

Department of Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics and Institute for Child Health Policy, UF College of Medicine (2015-present)

As a communications manager, I develop web announcements, press releases, newsletters, annual reports and other communications materials to support the department’s research and educational programs and advance the institute’s mission and strategic goals. I also edit technical reports for the institute's two external quality review organizations.

The 28-page ICHP 2017 Progress Report, shown here, highlights faculty research and accomplishments for the year.



What began as a brief recap of the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium’s Annual Stakeholder’s Meeting for the OneFlorida website evolved into a feature-length article for this monthly magazine published by UF Health Communications.

 The goal: to explain the mission and work of the consortium to external audiences through the keynote speaker’s address.


Web announcements for the department cover a range of topics, from efforts to stem the opioid crisis to ways to address health disparities among vulnerable populations.